Emily is looking for a Room in Breda

Emily is looking for: A Room in Breda

  • Room
  • Min. 12 m2
  • Female
  • 26 Immediately

Hi there!
I'm Emily and I'm currently living in Cologne, Germany, studying "Game Art".
I'll start my next studies in September at BUAS, and I'm therefore looking for a lovely room(mate?). I'm open towards m / f / d, doesn't matter for me.
I'm an exorbitant coffee lover, with me in your house there will no single morning without a freshly grinded and brewed coffee...
Also, I truly love dogs (animals in general, only cats are difficult since I'm very, very allergic, unfortunately) and actually it would be an option for my family's senior pug lady to move along with me, so both of us won't be as lonely. :D But important to stress: it's an OPTION, NOT A necessity, but maybe you always wanted to be accompanied by a little puggy (or you had / have a dog yourself?).
Lastly, very important as well, I'm a super, super tidy and easy-going person. I'll enjoy time with my roommates, but value my "me time" as well.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think we could be a "match". :D

General information: Emily
  Female, 24 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  1st study year Creative Business (University)